Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Strip Collection

Valentine's Day Nail Polish Strip Collection

Say goodbye to liquid nail polish! Buy Color Street Valentine's Day Nail Polish Strip Collection has revolutionized nail beauty by taking polish out of the bottle and transforming it into self-stick strips that provide a long-lasting, salon-quality manicure in minutes, with no drying time, smudges or streaks.
Made of 100% real nail polish, Buy Color Street Valentine's Day Nail Polish Strips are the easy alternative to liquid polish. With nail polish strips, you don’t have to wait for your polish to dry, and you don’t have to worry about any of the mess that comes with liquid polish. You can apply nail polish strips on your own, and they will last up to 14 days!

Nail Art Designs

Vegas Crush
Belgian Delight
Love Park
Downtown Romance

Glitter Nail Designs

Love Scene
Pretty in Helsinki
Southern Belle
Sugar Factory

Valentine's Day Nail Polish Strip Collection

Buy Color Street Valentine's Day Nail Polish Strip Collection application do’s

  • Store & use nail strips at room temperature and handle with warm hands. Nail strips may become more pliable in the heat and more rigid in the cold.
  • Use immediately after opening — nail strips will begin to dry once they are exposed to air.
  • Clean and prep nails before application — buff and file nails, push back cuticles, and use a prep pad to remove any oils or lotions.
  • Remove the clear film that covers the strips before application.
  • Apply thumbs last — start with pinky and work toward thumb.
  • Stretch gently for a perfect fit — stretch horizontally to make the strip wider, or stretch vertically to make the strip narrower.
  • Hold the strip in the middle instead of all the way at the end for a more controlled application.
  • Crease the strip over the nail edge before removing excess with your nail or nail file.

Buy Color Street Valentine's Day Nail Polish Strip Collection application don’ts

  • Do not leave nail strips in excessive heat or cold for prolonged periods of time. Do not leave strips under direct sun or LED lighting.
  • Do not apply lotion to hands immediately before or after application.
  • Do not apply strips over cuticles or skin. Push back cuticles and apply strips against or slightly above cuticle, so the strip adheres directly to the nail only.

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